About Us


data driven art analytics

for the contemporary art market…


Our Past…

Art World Insights was founded by former executives from one of the world’s leading auction houses. Whilst working within key leadership positions, Art World Insights founders have gained an unparalleled knowledge of the art market.

Combined with extensive startup experience, big data knowledge and education from some of the leading universities in the world (Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, Sorbonne, UCL, Stanford, INSEAD) the Art World Insights team is uniquely positioned to achieve its mission in bringing transparency to an opaque art market.


Our Present…

Founded in 2019, Art World Insights is currently at the most exciting stage of its overall journey: its beginning.

Based on extensive expertise, we are creating one of the most exciting, new companies in the art market today. Art World Insights has been built around analysing the Big Data that influences to the contemporary art market.

Taking it one step at a time, we are turning this idea into a reality by providing automated data driven reports on both artists, art works and collections that are then crossed checked by our team of market experts.


Our Future…

Technology and data have changed almost all aspects of our lives.

The art market is probably one of the largest markets yet to feel the full impact of Big Data and this new technology. We want to create an approachable transparent tool to help individuals and organisations navigate the market.

With Art World Insights, we aim to become a trailblazer. We want to help art buyers, artists and galleries to focus solely on the art, not the price.