What we do


We use big data to value art works.

Sales in the global art market reached $67.4 billion in 2018. Art has become a major asset class that is growing by 17% per year.

Part of this growth has been driven by the fact that buying and selling art has become very easy over the last couple of years. There are hundreds of online platforms to choose from and it has been reported that now major works of art have been sold directly via instagram, completely passing the traditional channels of sale.

Whilst the barriers of the market get lower and lower, there is still one major question that stops the global art market from reaching its full potential: How do you know what a an artwork is really worth?

The art market is notoriously opaque and the lack of transparency is the major challenge for art buyers and sellers from all over the world.

Our aim is to provide transparency to the global art world. We are developing an automated valuation service that combines unmatched industry expertise with Big Data to provide a fact based valuation for the primary and secondary markets. To do this, we use millions of different data points to build an AI based ‘valuation machine’ that can be used by all art market participants.


artist reports

Artist Reports

We produce fact-based reports about the artist’s work and the value of the art. Every report is unique and includes thousands of different data points taking into account the details of the artists work, exhibitions, gallery representation, online popularity, and their media footprint. These data points are then compared to the wider market to understand if an artist’s works are priced correctly when compared against other artists.

We understand that every artist, every gallery and every art collector is unique, which is why we also take into account objective and subjective aspects. Backed by a team of industry experts with a demonstrated history in the art market, we give you peace of mind that what your investing in, is worth it.

Art Index

Art Indicies and Art Rankings

Almost all key markets have at least one index. The New York Stock Market has the Dow Jones, the London Stock Market the FTSE100 and the Frankfurt Market the Dax. But why not the ever growing art market? Despite its enormous size - valued at $63.7bn according to the Art Basel Market Report - there are no reliable art indices at the moment.

We want to change that. Using millions of data points for thousands of artists from all over the world, we aim to create reliable indices that measure the state of the art market. Combined with various rankings we will provide art buyers, artists, galleries, journalists and investors unparalleled insights into the hitherto opaque market.

Art Econometrics

Expert Opinions, Econometric Analytics And White Papers

The art market can be complex, challenging and hard to read. With years of experience, Ph.D. educated team and advanced technologies, we aim to explore the art market and make it more accessible to its participants.

We provide expert opinions on the overall market to journalists and investors, conduct bespoke econometric analytics for every situation and will publish white papers to support a constant dialog with our bordering academic community.